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Samsung plans to participate in the automotive industry, acting as accessory manufacturer

Samsung Electronics has confirmed that it will build a dedicated team to develop things related to the automotive industry. Korean conglomerate said this team will operate separate from other parts of Samsung, but the group will still use and integration of technology developed by the Samsung.
It should be noted that Samsung has no intention of creating a car true to herself, it only wants to develop and sell the hardware accessories and software systems used in automobiles. Reuters said that Samsung plans to build up the infotainment system, satellite navigation system and the technology that supports self-driving cars in the future.
This is seen as a path in search of Samsung profit opportunities, especially in the context of the smartphone segment in recent times is not favorable, and more and create more pressure for collective Korean delegation. Samsung with huge advantages in the array processor and the screen will be the favorable conditions to help carriers create quality accessories used inside the car.
Currently we see the cars branded Samsung appear on the market but it is a product of the alliance Samsung - Renault in the Korean market Samsung itself also not related to the production.
Hometown rival LG also produces a lot of electronic equipment in the car. LG Hai Phong factory production lines have such parts moment we go into production.
By Reuters